Korean Idols who are popular in Japan

X1 Cho Seungyoun

EXO Baekhyun

NCT Jaehyun

Seventeen Jeonghan



IZ*ONE Kim Minjoo

Objectively they are the most searched Korean idol in Japan. Other members are not as famous as them (except Japanese members)

original post: theqoo

1. I’m so happy to see Tzuyu famous in Japan.

2. Cho Seungyoun?

3. Taehyung seems to be so popular in Japan, he is always the most searched after BTS concert in Japan.

4. Hull, isn’t EXO Chanyeol?

5. Tzuyu is a foreigner in Korea, but she is the top idol in both Korea and Japan.

6. Isn’t Taemin popular in Japan too?

7. Most Japanese follow many famous members in Korea, so it’s not much different from Korea.

8. But aren’t they famous members in Korea?

9. Except for Japanese members… Of course, Tzuyu and Minjoo are the most popular female idols in Japan

10. Do you think Japanese people like idols who look like characters in Manga?

11. Except Cho Seungyoun, others are also famous in Korea.