Korean Singers Association “K-Pop singers’ military service exemption” … Public hearing on the 18th

Korean Singers Association to hold a public hearing on the subject of K-Pop singers' military service exemption

Korean Singers Association to hold a public hearing on the subject of K-Pop singers’ military service exemption, on the 18th.

The Korean Wave is a cultural art that has started to enter the global market since the 2000s. The success of Kpop singers like Psy, BTS and SuperM has made Hallyu the best cultural icon in the world. The enlistment of K-pop singers will be a major obstacle to the future of the Korean Wave.

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1. [+519, -33] They should get the Order of Culture Merit, or is there any reason for them to get an exemption or not? The three main agencies are taking advantage of Bangtan to gain benefits.

2. [+382, -7] Can you leave BTS alone? BTS, Big Hit will take care of it. Why are the third parties making such a fuss?

3. [+264, -27] The lack of objective standards is a ridiculous excuse. You can earn as much as you want. Like the Cultural Medal from the President. I think we can solve this problem as the President gave special military service to the members of the 2002 World Cup semifinals. To be honest, it seems much fairer than having all soccer or baseball players play for one or two minutes at the Olympic or Asian Cup to make them exempt from military service.

4. [+350, -128] I don’t know about other singers. But I’m in favor of Bangtan’s military service exemption.

5. [+58, -0] Why did you put BTS’s picture in the article? BTS is the only idol in Korea?? I feel BTS is the stele all the time….ㅜㅜ Leave them alone, don’t touch them.

6. [+40, -0] Please don’t use BTS’s picture.. Big agencies don’t use BTS as a shield and hide behind it.

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1. Damn … Leave Bangtan alone.

2. Please don’t use Bangtan’s name and picture in articles like this

3. Oh, stop it, please stopㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. If the singers are famous, they’ll not join the army. But if they were not famous, how would they qualify for military service exemptions?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Now the singer association is using Bangtan as a shield for other singers

6. Leave Bangtan alone. I hate that they think of something and use Bangtan’s name for it.

7. So who joins the army and who doesn’t? Stupid

8. This is crazy. They want to set a precedent with the Bangtan shield and turn it into an opportunity for other K-Pop singers.

9. I wonder how big the success of Bangtan’s next album will be..?

10. I’m sorry but idol companies discussed military service exceptions except Big Hit. But why do you use Bangtan?

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