BTS Jimin is the star that everyone wants to give chocolate on Valentine’s Day… 2nd place?

Seven Edu, an internet math education company for middle and high school students, conducted a survey from January 21 to February 12 to find out which star people would want to give chocolate to for Valentine’s Day. The survey included 46,028 respondents.

BTS’s Jimin took first place with 51.8 percent (23,824) of votes!

  1. BTS’s Jimin (23,824 votes, 51.8 percent)
  2. Kang Daniel (17,738 votes, 38.5 percent)
  3. Lee Seung Gi (2,661 votes, 5.8 percent)
  4. Park Bo Gum (1,715 votes, 3.7 percent) cr

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1. [+526, -17] Jimin, he’s my angel, people in the world want to give him chocolate on Valentine’s Day, I love you, Jimin-ah.

2. [+416, -12] Isn’t it obvious? He’s the best idol who’s topped the list for 13 months in a row. Jimin-ah, congratulations. People want to give you chocolate. Me tooㅠㅠ

3. [+356, -8] Jimin, take my chocolate too. I want to give a lot of chocolate candy to Jimin. Take all the love in the world, Jimin-ah.

4. [+298, -7] I want to give everything to Jimin. I love you Jimin-ah.

5. [+280, -5] I want to meet Jimin and give him chocolate.

6. [+18, -0] I wish I could give Jimin chocolate. I wish I could see his face. I’m always proud of Jimin.

7. [+10, -0] Jimin is the #1 for me.

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