Kwon Hyun Bin reveals how BTS Jin decides who’s going to pay

Kwon Hyun Bin on Mnet’s TMI News: “I’m personally close to BTS’s Jin. Hyung went through hard times, reached the top and became affluent. But we still go Dutch. We went to eat Agwi-jjim and even did rock-paper-scissors to decide who’s going to pay.”

original post: theqoo

1. Which member opens his wallet the most at dinner parties? “Seokjin hyung!!”

2. If one of his friends is in financial trouble, of course he will buy it.

3. Lots of beggars … Seokjin is the one who pays the most for their meals. He wants to eat for free without losing his money

4. Seokjin earns a lot of money .. But should he buy everything? You are not a beggar, You also earn a lot of money. Why should Seokjin pay for meals?

5. It’s scary to think that these beggars are around Seokjin

6. He thought this was funny. But people around him can’t even react to it.

7. Kwon Hyun Bin is not a trainee without money and he makes a lot of money to pay for meals. So why should Jin always pay for their meals?

8. I feel Kwon Hyun Bin talking without thinkingㅠㅠㅠ

9. You have to pay for everything in the meeting with friends if you have a lot of money…? I don’t think I want to pay for meals with my friends no matter how much I earn. And the truth is Seokjin is always the one who pays for their meals.

10. Why should Jin pay your meal? You have no money…?

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