Kwon Mina posted an apology on Instagram

“Yes. After listening to the opinion of those who have been badmouthing me, I wanted to quickly talk about this incident and then post it as a video, but people said they didn’t want to see my face, so I’m posting it as text.

What I heard from Mr. Yoo (I decided not to bother with concealing [his profile photo] since his name has already been in the related Naver search term rankings for some time) is that their relationship was already not good, that they were fighting a lot, that their personalities didn’t match, that he was dating her out of familiarity. Also, Mr. Yoo expressed interest in me first, and I felt drawn to him too because we connected so well in conversation. We also had a lot in common in terms of our background. But at the time, we talked about things like, “We shouldn’t do this because you have a girlfriend,” and “I’m in the middle of ending it,” and “I ended it for good,” and then we must have fallen for each other and started dating, right? Back then, I thought that since we started dating after they broke up, even if I hadn’t done anything to be proud of, it wasn’t cheating. Even now, I have a lot of older and younger fans with whom I became close friends, rather than calling them fans, and I still maintain those kinds of relationships.

At any rate, back then, I still thought, “If they broke up when they weren’t in love anymore, why is everyone so angry about this? Is it really just because I haven’t admitted to the cheating?” You may find this unbelievable, but that’s honestly how I felt. That’s why, back then, I wrote my posts very coldly, and why I spoke to the victim [A] in an argumentative tone, instead of a polite one.

After seeing his ex-girlfriend’s recent post on Nate Pann, as well as the KakaoTalk messages the two of them exchanged, I heard the honest truth from Mr. Yoo. It was all lies. Because of that, I was able to think about things from his ex-girlfriend’s point of view.

It’s true that both Mr. Yoo and I cheated. I’m truly sorry to the ex-girlfriend and her acquaintances, who must have been hurt because of me. Thanks to your mustering up the courage to upload the post, I ended up learning the truth, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t blame Mr. Yoo at all. But it’s definitive fact that I am a perpetrator, and I’ve ended up looking like I only listened to one side and kept insisting that I hadn’t done anything wrong, and I admit that all of this is my fault and am truly reflecting on it.

There were no words like “prostitute” in [A’s] father’s text messages. I wasn’t saying that I’d heard those words from her father, but was just writing various things I’d heard here and there, and I was saying that I’d received threats that were [not death threats, but] at the level of death threats. The reason for this is because [in his text messages to Yoo asking him to take down his posts about A], he wrote the plural form of “you,” so I thought that I was included. And to make someone piss themselves, they would have to be at the brink of death or actually die. People only piss themselves when they are at the highest level of fear. People don’t piss themselves when they are just raped or wounded or beat up by dozens of people. That’s why I was so scared back then, and I thought, “Isn’t this going too far?” But after finding out the truth about everything, what parents would like it if the boyfriend of their precious daughter suddenly two-timed her with a random woman for several days… I understand.

I sincerely apologize. In this incident with Mr. Yoo and his ex-girlfriend, I am clearly a perpetrator, and because I realized this too late, I behaved foolishly. Of course I admit to my wrongdoings, and I would like to bow my head in sincere apology to the victim who was formerly his girlfriend. And of course I am currently no longer dating Mr. Yoo. From today on, I will only receive encouraging messages from people, and I will not respond to anyone. I will also be cutting off all contact with the fans that I am currently in touch with. I truly feel a great deal of guilt for being too free-spirited and acting however I wished, and I’m sorry. I also apologize for having disappointed many people.

Regarding the mention of Shin Jimin, I also want to ask. Why are many people bringing her up… and that statement [by AOA’s fans] was also a mess… she has nothing to do with this incident, and I also don’t want to talk about her. So don’t try to make me a perpetrator in this case with falsehoods. When it comes to the Shin Jimin case, I am a huge victim.

Once again, I apologize to the victim [A] for causing a disturbance with this incident. This kind of thing should never happen again in the future, and I will take more responsibility in my words and actions from now on to prevent further victims from arising in the future. I also apologize for not writing clearly, for rambling in my writing, and for using incorrect spelling and grammar. I also want to fix this aspect [of my writing], but I’m not that well-educated, so even though it’s embarrassing, I hope you’ll understand… I also admit I acted like a sly fox… I’m really sorry… cr

original post: theqoo

1. The problem was that the man lied. Mina just believes it…

2. She seems to have some serious delusional disorder

3. I think the apology was well written

4. They only dated for a few days and then broke up because of that scandal..?

5. Anyway, Mina apologized so I hope she stops using Instagram and gets treatment

6. Do you think that if you mention Shin Jimin, you will suddenly be able to become a victim?

7. Is this an apology…?

8. Mina was wrong, but that man is trash…

9. I won’t believe anything she says anymore

10. Seriously.. I think she should stop using her cell phone and focus on her treatment

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