Kwon Mina’s Instagram Update

It was previously reported that Mina had been transported to the hospital after attempting to take her own life.

On August 3, Mina returned to her Instagram account with a message, revealing her plans to take legal action against malicious commenters and those who spread false information about her.

original post: theqoo

1. Why do you always call yourself a victim??? For Yoo’s ex-girlfriend, you are the one who ruined her happiness

2. She needs to stop using SNS and focus on her treatment…. No one by her side? Does she not listen to the opinions of the people around her?

3. Honestly, the other members including Seolhyun are pitiful and I hope they make a comeback, but Shin Jimin isn’t pitiful…;

4. Didn’t you say you stopped using SNS…?

5. Why is she so obsessed with Jimin?

6. Jimin, I hope you don’t see things like this, don’t worry about it and live a healthy life

7. I wish she could stop posting on Instagram…

8. I feel sorry for Shin Jimin now

9. She’s the type of person I don’t want to meet in real life

10. Mina-ah, just focus on treatment

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