Kwon Mina “There’s an AOA member who enjoys having a s*xual intercourse” during the live broadcast

Around 4 AM KST on July 5th, the former idol member held a live stream apologizing to the ex-girlfriend of Yoo (the man whom she dated). During an hour-long live stream, she addressed many things from admitting her wrongdoings with her now ex-boyfriend Yoo to her trauma from a rape when she was in middle school.

While addressing her past and her previous claims regarding bullying controversy involving Jimin, Mina said there was a member who really liked having s*xual intercourse. cr

original post: theqoo

1. Now, no one believes Mina anymore, but I think it’s funny that she always says things that are off-limits and says things like that every time. I don’t think she’s in a state of health where she could get better just by stopping using SNS..

2. Wow she literally pushed AOA members under the bus. She is feeding the trolls to s*xually harass other women

3. Please stop…

4. Female celebrities, especially female idols, are s*xually harassed all the time even when they don’t do anything, and she understands better than anyone. Why did she say that?

5. She crossed lines and needs treatment as soon as possible

6. By all means, looks like Mina is harassing AOA

7. Let her get appropriate medical care and AOA return to the industry

8. I wish AOA members would sue Kwon Mina. Seriously.. It’s a personal life, but it’s not a crime

9. What’s wrong with her?

10. Honestly, I feel so sorry for the AOA members..

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