Kwon Mina’s Instagram account has disappeared

original post: theqoo

1. It’s good, she shouldn’t use SNS anymore.. I hope she’s happy in the future

2. She did well, I hope you don’t mind the malicious comments and have a good time

3. I’m glad she doesn’t use SNS anymore

4. Mina-ah, I hope you get treatment and live well

5 .She used to be a nuisance to others, but now I just tell her to take a break

6. You did well, you should stop using SNS and focus on treatment

7. I’m glad you stopped using SNS and got treatment

8. This is the best news about Kwon Mina. She needs to stop using Instagram now

9. Alright, let’s focus on treatment

10. Don’t use Instagram, just meet up with your family and close friends and take a break

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