EXO’s D.O. (Kyungsoo), enlist on July 1

Kyungsoo is EXO's second member enlisted after Xiumin

After discussing with SM Entertainment and EXO members, Kyungsoo decided to join the military service. Then, on July 1, he confirmed his enlistment and became the second EXO member after Xiumin.

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1.[+687, -20] It’s harder to act as Won Dong Yeon than any other character. I think he’s the best actor.

2. [+456, -7] I respect Kyungsoo’s decision. He’ll do well in the military.

3. [+260, -1] I wish you all the best.

4. [+216, -1] Kyungsoo, take care. I’ll always be here cheering for you. Don’t get hurt. Stay healthy.

5. [+188, -9] Do Kyungsoo, a singer and an actor will do well and quickly return from the army. We can go back to the group quickly. It’s the right time to do a solo career or an actor’s career.

6. [+72, -3] He’s a silent friend. I think he’s a good and talented entertainer. I’m rooting for you. I wish you all the best.

7. [+42, -0] I’m crying, Kyungsoo. Bye. I’ll wait for you.

8. [+35, -5] Oh, I don’t know who he will marry, but how good is the woman who is his wife? I always think about this. Why is he so handsome?

9. [+35, -5] He will be discharged from the army in March 2021 … Good luck

10. [+29, -0] I was surprised because it was sudden, but I think it’s a good way to get back to EXO after going there soon.

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