Landscape photos uploaded by BTS V fansite on April Fool’s Day

Seriously, the quality of the photos is so good that I thought they were taken by a photographer

These are landscape photos that were uploaded on April Fool’s Day of last year

original post: theqoo

1. Isn’t your main job as a photographer? Really impressive

2. You are just a professional photographer

3. If your main job is not a photographer, then the levels of talent wasted are crazy

4. The landscape photos are so beautiful, you take them beautifully

5. Wow, so beautiful. I think your main job is as a photographer

6. I also like the photos of V from this fansite.. Really impressive

7. Wow, if you open a photo exhibition, I want to go

8. I’m curious about the photos of V that this person took,,,

9. These are photos of V from this fansite

10. Looks like the work of a professional photographer

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