Lee Hi “How to become beautiful? It’s a diet”

Lee Hi said that she became more pretty by dieting

original post: naver

1.[+1110, -403] I don’t want to see you, boycott YG!

2.[+687, -191] Why do young Korean women always suspect someone is more pretty by dieting? I imagine that when my father’s company did something wrong, my father’s salaryman, who belongs to it, is being cursed with their name exposed on the Internet. The society is evil.

3. [+577, -247] Get out of your agency

4. [+287, -33] Lee Hi wakes up!!!!!!

5. [+251, -39] Pretty.

6. [+113, -19] We have to go to the real name system for comments. Look at people talking about anonymity. That’s too much.

7. [+111, -20] Lee Hi, I really like this album. The tone is so unique. She is so pretty. I hope you continue to enjoy it!

8. [+68, -8] Lee Hi, it’s the best. It’s the best song

9. [+57, -5] Lee Hi, diet is good, but your biggest attraction is voice. I hope you had known that.

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