Lee Hongki, sorry Japanese fans “I felt like someone was shooting me in the neck”

Lee Hongki wrote an apology message to the Japanese fans on his Instagram

FT ISLAND Lee Hongki apologized to fans who came to Japan for the concert.

Lee Hongki wrote an apology message on his Instagram account on the 20th saying, “I’m so embarrassed, surprised, angry and sorry.”

Lee Hongki said, “I don’t know why, I felt like someone was shooting me in the neck when I’m singing. I’m so sorry if you came to the Hiroshima concert today. I will definitely visit you again.”

He explained his bad neck condition.

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1.[+743, -14] I think it’s going to be hard these days even if you try to pretend not to

2. [+369, -9] You have to tell them what happened, about how your concert was canceled because your throat is in a bad condition.

3. [+147, -9] Let’s cheer up. Have you been so tired lately? The concert tour schedule must be really tight. Health is the first thing. Let’s sing for a long time but don’t overdo it.

4. [+83, -8] No, I mean you don’t need to apologize for that

5. [+9, -2] Cheer up, Hongki. I know it’s hard for you. Stay healthy and always be happy.

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