‘Produce X 101’ Lee Jin Hyuk apologizes for impersonating X1’s Nam Do Hyon “I will be more thoughtful about the way I act”

On September 15, Lee Jin Hyuk held his “T.Y.F.L in Thailand” fan meeting in Thailand and greeted fans there.

During the event, there was a segment where Lee Jin Hyuk had to play a game. Nam Do Hyon, who had appeared on “Produce X 101” with him came up on the screen, and Lee Jin Hyuk did an impersonation of the way he speaks, his expressions, and his gestures.

However, some fans took issue with the way Lee Jin Hyuk had impersonated Nam Do Hyon and said, “He made it into a caricature to laugh at.” These fans claimed that Lee Jin Hyuk had exaggerated Nam Do Hyon’s traits too much, and people began asking Lee Jin Hyuk for an apology through various online communities.

As the controversy grew, Lee Jin Hyuk addressed the issue on an Instagram Live broadcast. He apologized and said, “I’m sorry. I contacted Nam Do Hyon as well to personally apologize.” He stated, “I am receiving so much love and attention, and I will be more thoughtful about the way I act. I am very sorry,” and hung his head.

He added, “Please continue to love me, and please continue to love Nam Do Hyon. I sincerely apologize for my mistake. I’m sorry for making fans feel uncomfortable.”


original post: naver

1. [+511, -143] The victim is Nam Do Hyon who went to Japan and prepared for the performance. Look at the comments from the Jin Hyuk fans. They all act for each other. They are all acting like no problem ㅋㅋㅋ I’m sure they would’ve bitten Nam Do Hyon like they would have killed him if he played like that at X1’s fan meeting.

2. [+345, -46] I hope you only do things related to you at your fan meeting.

3. [+356, -70] Would it have gotten this big if he had imitated his cute little brother? Think in common sense. It was a mocking video. It was so unpleasan, but he tried to apologize so quickly yesterday. Some comments from the fans who protected him made me angry again. What if he imitated Nam Do Hyon like that video? Does he think it’s funny too?

4. [+258, -43] Do Hyon is a middle school student. Please don’t cross limits no matter how close you are.

5. [+170, -34] Look at comments from Jin Hyuk fans… Are you an unconditional fan? I’m getting even angrier by the fans.

6. [+159, -39] The closer you are, the more you have to keep it. In the video, he describes Do Hyon as an unusual person. He is so careless.

7. [+120, -16] I’m disappointed about Lee Jinhyuk. I thought he was a nice, humble, more careful than anyone. I never thought he would be so careless. The video made me feel so bad that I thought I should comfort Do Hyon. I hope fans Lee Jin Hyuk change their stance….

8. [+116, -15] Do Hyon ah, don’t get hurtㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ