Lee Kwang Soo interview, Inseparable Bros

Lee Kwang Soo talks about the new movie 'Inseparable Bros'

On the morning of the 24th, Lee Kwang Soo met Sports Chosun and talked about his movie “Inseparable Bros

Lee Kwang Soo said: “I watched the movie and expected more than worry. I hope that many people will watch it, but regardless of the number of viewers, it is a movie that makes sense to me.”

The reason I chose “Inseparable Bros” is “I really like situations and I like the atmosphere while filming, and I learned a lot from those scenes.

Lee Kwang Soo talks about the new movie 'Inseparable Bros'

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1.[+392, -12] Don’t worry, everyone knows you’re good at acting. I believe you will perform well. ^^

2. [+100, -9] I saw him at the premiere. Unlike on screen, his voice is very good and he is handsome. The movie made me cry and be funny and happy.

3. [+97, -8] That’s great, Kwang-soo!

4. [+91, -3] Don’t worry. Good luck with your movie.

5. [+39, -3] I saw at the premiere. I think he’s just an entertainer on Running Man, but now I like his acting.

6. [+11, -1] I watched the movie through the premiere, and he was very emotional and good at acting. The film is very funny and touching. It is a movie that many people want to watch.

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