Lee Min Woo’s side “S*xual harassment while drinking is just a misunderstanding … Sincerely apologetic + is reflecting”

Lee Min Woo's side said that s*xual harassment is a misunderstanding

“We spoke to Min Woo in order to find out what happened, and it was an incident that occurred out of a small misunderstanding at a gathering with acquaintances at a pojangmacha (tent bar). The involved parties have talked to each other and cleared up all misunderstandings. On reporting sexual harassment to the police when there was no s*xual harassment, the other party will be withdrawing their complaint.”

“However, regardless of the truth of the matter, Lee Min Woo is ashamed that his has happened at all. He is sincerely apologetic, and he is reflecting.”

original post: naver

1.[+955, -194] If it is a misunderstanding, the celebrity will be hurt. I believe him.

2. [+877, -254] No, it’s not!!!!!!

3. [+551, -34] How is he be misunderstood and reported and investigated …. I’m sure one of them did something wrong.

4. [+544, -31] Brother… he can’t play like he used to. He’s not too old to laugh with two girls on a bench in an ongoing wine party. He’s 40 years old, he’s not old, but he must have morality and manners.

5. [+435, -103] I’m not a Shinhwa fan but not everyone else and Lee Min Woo did something like this.

6. [+188, -49] He should control his behavior these days, which is a real disappointment. If he is a normal person, he is not accused of s*xual harassment.

7. [+140, -35] Are you telling the fans to trust this? What kind of misunderstanding do you have?

8. [+125, -22] Oh, Min Woo! He’s 40 years old. Sexual harassment. He’s not Minwoo anymore. Now he is a scary person.

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