Lee Naeun’s older sister, who protects her, gets into controversy over school violence

April member Naeun’s older sibling who came in support of her sister made her Instagram private after she was accused of being a school bully.

According to her sister on June 13th, Naeun was not the perpetrator of the bullying controversy and had suffered from long periods of anguish herself. The sister further claimed that Naeun was in a state “too depressed to bully someone else” back then and asked netizens to stop speculating.

Shortly after the lengthy comment allegedly exposing her past, she set her Instagram to private.

The comment said: “I am going to state exactly what happened, without embellishment or judgment. First of all, I am one of your school bullying victims and people talked about you a lot after your sister’s school bullying controversy surfaced. I didn’t know back then but turns out you were quite something in Daejeon’s G private art institute too? I’m compiling others and my own testimonials so do not even try to guess who I am.

You always only cared for your looks at the back of the classroom, forming a clique of your own. You once went to detention after getting caught cursing for violating the school dress code, right? Do you remember how you treated your classmates?

I don’t understand how you could be so confidently speaking in support of school violence. I guess you would never know how XX felt after finding her gym clothes laying around on the floor, which XX lent you. You wouldn’t even remember kicking XX’s desk with your friend ‘Song’ demanding her to apologize to you, right?

Alas, but there are many witnesses and all victims remember what you have done.

Time really flies. I feel like it was yesterday you were bragging about your sister being a trainee. I don’t have any grudge against your sister but I can’t believe you are making excuses for such an issue. I don’t know anything about your sister but you can’t be the one publicly raising your voice confidently.

Do you feel wronged? You were young and didn’t know any better? We were young too. To you, it must have been something in the past but to us, it still haunts us to this day, impacting our personality and perspective on life.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. But I don’t even want to write a long and detailed post. I don’t want to think about you at all. So please don’t say anything else… I don’t have anything to do with your sister, your parents, or the label. Just stay quiet… If you have a conscience.” cr

original post: theqoo

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2. It’s a scary family

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4. Lee Naeun learned that from her older sister

5. I feel bad for Hyunjoo

6. Shameless

7. Her older sister is helping her stop being a celebrity as soon as possible

8. Her older sister is also a bully????

9. Disgusting

10. It’s a house of bullies

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