Lee Soo Man “K-pop will have its second revival in China”

SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man stated, “K-pop will have its second revival in China. It’s an era when we have to go to China to produce and create content that can become number 1 in the world with the talented individuals there.”

Lee Soo Man recently appeared on tvN’s humanities and liberal arts program ‘Monthly Connect’ that aired on the first of this month and stated, “I dream that Korea will be the country that becomes the leading content producing country in the world, leading the world culture.”

Producer Lee Soo Man stressed that China needs to lift the ban on Korean culture by stating, “China must open their doors to Korea once again. All of the talented Korean producers, including JYP Entertainment’s J.Y. Park and Big Hit Entertainment’s Bang Si Hyuk, should enter the Chinese market to create Asia’s Hollywood.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Today, K-pop is booming in the West, but he’s still planning to promote in China forever…

2. He meant that Korean entertainment companies should try to turn China into ‘Asia’s Hollywood’.. Has he lost his mind?

3. Since SM can’t compete with Big Hit, YG, and JYP in the US and Japan markets, he’s talking about China

4. Has he gone too far in his opinion that China should be Asia’s Hollywood?

5. Crazy, I thought it was his interview in 2015

6. In terms of population, the Chinese market is huge, but I don’t know what risks will arise depending on the policy of the Chinese government

7. Don’t… Don’t even think about it…

8. He’s trying to create a Korean entertainment industry dominated by Chinese money..?

9. Looking at Lee Soo Man’s interview, I wonder if he’s an idiot

10. Park Jin Young has an American dream, Lee Soo Man has a Chinese + American dream

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