SM Lee Soo Man “I want to hold an audition program in China”

Lee Soo Man wants to hold an audition program in China

Lee Soo Man shared in a Chinese broadcast, “Rather than having a popular, short-term idol group, I want to grow stars who can be loved for a long time.”

He hopes the audition program will be located in China’s city of music, Chengdu.

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1. [+317, -0] Just care about your current artists;;;

2. [+207, -3] I guess he can’t give up because the Chinese market is too big.

3. [+169, -1] Please wake up. Don’t forget that SM is in deficit.

4. [+68, -3] He’s just a Chinese.

5. [+30, -1] Chinese fans are saying something cool “Give EXO an album first.” Baekhyun is ruined because of Lee Soo Man’s greed. He turned Kai into a robot now. With their schedule now, I hope they join the army soon. They can eat three meals, exercise and rest.

6. [+26, -0] I don’t like Chinese kids. Look at his ambition in the US market. They ranked #1 on the Billboard charts and they even changed the Billboard album chart rules. Don’t come to the US in such a fraudulent manner. Now he’s saying he wants to hold an audition program in China? Just invest in the current singers.

7. [+16, -0] He really couldn’t wake up. SM has to accept the change, but he doesn’t want to listen to fans or listen to his artist’s complaints. If their two celebrities committed suicide, they would have to sue the haters and prevent any recurrence of any problems, but they still stick to the way they operated in the ’90s and never let the singers sing the songs they wanted to sing. Singers who are full of energy like Taeyeon, or singers who can never play their own music. Worst.

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