Lee Soo Man who sent a 4-minute congratulation video to EXO Lay

On October 7, it was revealed that Lay started his own entertainment company called Chromosome Entertainment Group. In response, Lee Soo Man left a heartwarming message to encourage Lay in his future endeavor.

Lee Soo Man started the video with a greeting and expressed his excitement after hearing the news about Lay’s new company. Lee Soo Man didn’t hold back on his praise about Lay as he stated, “Lay had sparkling eyes ever since he was young and he was very diligent when learning to dance. He was diligent in everything he did.”

Lee Soo Man added, “He values the relationship between people. And I heard he is going to establish an entertainment company, and I want to congratulate him. I believe he has the potential of becoming a producer and founder of the company as he showed much talent before. I’m certain that he will be able to create a company that will be number in China and also the world.” cr

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1. Wow, the relationship between SM and Lay is really unpredictable..

2. Seeing Lee Soo Man do this, I guess he wants something from Lay

3. Lay’s dream is to be like Lee Soo Man. Please respect him. Although I’m not a fan of him, it seems that he is a talented person

4. Isn’t it the relationship like YG and Teddy??

5. Well, Lay makes a lot of money

6. But Lee Soo Man looks younger than I thought

7. He and that foreigner are equally selfish, I hate both

8. Well, he’s been giving up EXO activities for a few years and he’s doing everything he wants..

9. So why didn’t Lay leave SM and focus on his activities in China??? He’s so weird…

10. And the relationship between the two of them is really a mystery

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