Legendary debut songs by my standards

TVXQ – Hug

Wonder Girls – Irony

SNSD – Into The New World

SHINee – Replay

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

WINNER – empty

GFriend – Glass Bead


iKON – My Type

NCT U – The 7th Sense

Wanna One – Energetic


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1. [+195, -14] WINNER’s empty and iKON’s My Type both marked the male idol history… The songs that got the fastest first place after debut were empty and My Type were no.1 and no.2 respectively

2. [+141, -16] The debut song that entered the charts in first place + lined up on the charts

3. [+127, -7] If you look at the scores alone, the 3 most influential debut songs are Love Sick, Bad Girl Good Girl, and empty

4 .[+62, -11] BLACKPINK – Isn’t Whistle legendary?

5. [+60, -1] Where did CNBLUE’s ‘Loner’ go?

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