LM, appeal to suspend exclusive contract with Kang Daniel … The first hearing on June 12

LM Entertainment appeal against Kang Daniel

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1.[+904, -36] I think we’ll get the same result from the appeal, and I want to see Kang Daniel on the stage as soon as possible.

2. [+765, -15] LM Entertainment, a company trying to enter the business without requiring a company registration, was transferred from Mapo District Office to Gangnam after taking orders as an administrative decision.

3. [+620, -16] During Wanna One’s career, the agency played with Kang Daniel without giving him anything, sold his rights to take a big chunk out of it, and even offered to file an objection.

4. [+417, -10] The agency’s a bad guy. They do bad things behind the scenes.

5. [+335, -9] LM’s a disgrace

6. [+80, -1] LM, stop it. If you continue to interfere with it, it will cost you more money.

7. [+75, -1] They knew it was a waste of time anyway, but they still did it. Isn’t this to hinder Kang Daniel’s work clearly? A bad representative like LM should disappear immediately.

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