Look at BTS Jungkook and V’s chinㄷㄷ

Look at Jungkook and V’s jawline compared to when they just debuted. They grew up so well, they look more mature and charming now?

The chin and face have grown so well

Now they look like this…. This is what we call good growth

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1. [+236, -3] Our maknaes grew up so well ㅠㅠ

2. [+229, -3] From cute kids to hot and handsome men

3. [+163, -6] Seriously… I like cute babies, but honestly I prefer their mature faces now… They look mature and sexy and the jawline is just… daebak

4. [+93, -5] I don’t think there’s a better growth than this

5. [+92, -2] They really grew up well

6. [+84, -1] They’re the wall…. Their faces are crazy

7. [+76, -0] Too good to see

8. [+72, -2] Proud

9. [+69, -0] The vibe is crazy

10. [+62, -2] Amazing….

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