Looks like this is what will happen for IZ*ONE’s activities after disbandment

Lee Chaeyeon will join WM’s next girl group and debut

Kim Chaewon will join Rocket Punch

Kwon Eunbi is older so maybe she will make a solo debut, otherwise, she will join Rocket Punch

Kim Minjoo and Kang Hyewon will turn into actresses

Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin will debut in Starship’s new girl group + Park Sun

Sakura will debut in Big Hit’s Japanese girl group, a group like JYP’s NiziU

Nako and Hitomi will return to Japan or promote like Sakura

Jo Yuri will make a solo debut or will debut in a group with Stone Music trainees (Lee Sian) and the kids who appeared on Produce 48.

Choi Yena will join Everglow

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1. [+212, -9] I don’t think Hyewon will become an actress, she can’t control her facial expressions so she will receive a lot of criticism

2. [+164, -82] All 12 members, be happy

3. [+151, -0] It has been ages since Lee Sian left Stone Music. I know there’s barely any trainees left

4. [+139, -20] It’d be such a shame for Kim Chaewon and Choi Yena to join those groups

5. [+110, -0] I think Yena will actually join Everglow. Everglow and their choreography line have been designed so that one more person can easily join

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