Louis Vuitton’s invitation to BTS

On January 21, Louis Vuitton‘s Twitter account shared a promotional video of their employees delivering invitations to BTS


original post: theqoo

1. Crazy, I’m so excited..

2. 6 members??? Is Suga still in rehabilitation?

3. Like BTS filming a promotional video for a fashion show??

4. I think V is perfect for Louis Vuitton

5. It’s a pity that BTS didn’t appear in the fashion show, but thanks for filming a promotional video wearing cute clothes

6. Jungkook’s hair makes him look like a ’90s teen star ㅋ The members are so handsome and cute

7. BTS wore a lot of luxury brands at awards ceremonies and stages, but I didn’t see Louis Vuitton very much, so it’s nice to see this

8. Kim Seokjin is getting younger and younger…

9. Jungkook is cute and pretty

10. Is Jungkook’s hairstyle the hairstyle of 1st generation male idols?

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