NCT Lucas new pictures + translations

Another fan revealed
It’s not the same girl who revealed his dating controversy in the first post but another else…
She’s claiming that he was dating 3 people at the same time, but she’s not sure (from the woman’s perspective)

original post: theqoo

1. I’m not surprised because it’s SM, this agency doesn’t teach their trainees about personality

2. I really hate it. Are you saying he’s dating his fans? Why is he dating fans? He’s disgusting

3. I don’t know what else, but the relationship between the members will explode..

4. What’s more shocking is that he disparaged the other members…

5. I didn’t like him, now I hate him even more, please leave NCT

6. He really doesn’t have any talent, and he debuted thanks to his face

7. Since NCT has a lot of members, I don’t think it will affect the group at all if he leaves the group

8. This is the tradition of SM idols

9. Is this the reason why SM is not responding?

10. If you’re going to use your face like that, give it to me…

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