‘Madonna of Korea’ Kim Wan Sun “I’m proud of BTS … My favorite member is BTS V”

Kim Wan Sun, The ‘Korean Madonna’ mentioned BTS, which is leading the K-pop craze and that she is proud of them as a junior and wants to work together musically with them if she has a chance.

Kim Wan Sun also picked BTS V as her favorite member among BTS members.

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1. [+1507, -37] Kim Wan Sun, you did great work on stage. Taehyung is Kim Wan Sun’s favorite member. As expected, I’ll cheer you on how to recognize genius.

2. [+1100, -24] Oh, Kim Wan Sun. Taehyung is Kim Wan Sun’s favorite member. You have eyes. Korea’s Madonna was the coolest person at the time, but she still is. I’ll cheer for BTS and Kim Wan Sun.

3. [+968, -18] Korean Madonna Dance Queen Kim Wan Sun, you can see that Taehyung is really good on stage. I watched your stage video recently. I thought you were very passionate and cool. I’m cheering for you.

4. [+863, -12] Kim Wan Sun, Korea’s Madonna on stage, she always has special performances on stage! I look forward to the collaboration between Korea’s Madonna and the charismatic stage genius BTS.

5. [+811, -13] As expected, Kim Wan Sun, your eyes are the same as us. Taehyung is your favorite member. I’m cheering for Madonna Kim Wan Sun.

6. [+102, -1] She was the best dancer on stage as well as Madonna Kim Wan Sun in Korea. I can’t believe you said BTS V is your favorite.

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