Who’s the ‘S’ group?

From news article:
“Since Gangnam clubs became a big business, a lot of idol celebrities became major club shareholders. Idol group ‘S’ members have the shares and the majority of celebrities under a big agency ‘Y’ are participating as shareholders.

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1.[+146, -14] Group that starts with an ‘S’…

Majority of YG Idols Participate in Club Business?

2. [+86, -33] But why are people dragging idols who aren’t associated with Seungri? If anything, it should be the groups that are in the same company as him ㅋㅋ YG-roaches are so evil.

3. [+85, -169] Boy groups that start with an S – Super Junior, Seventeen, SF9

4. [+56, -3] Plot twist: Nobody said it was a boy group ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+48, -0] I think it’s indeed Sechskies

Majority of YG Idols Participate in Club Business?

(Sechskies Lee Jaijin involved in YG’s tax evasion)

6. [+47, -2] I never knew Sechskies starts with an S until now…

7. [+42, -4] Same Yak Guk company group.

8. [+34, -54] It’s just a meaningless alphabet that a trashy journalist wrote.

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