Male and female idols’ interaction on Instagram that fans found uncomfortable

Kim Sejeong: The calls I have with oppa are always loud <3

Kim Sejeong: Oppa, I think there’s something wrong with my eyes… Why do you look handsome…

Kim Sejeong: You could drink soju from your collarbones

Kim Sejeong: Excuse me, I got an indescribable shock from your wink, this is what a heart attack is right?

“This is such a random comment…you guys…”
“We are BABALs (Yoon Jisung’s fanclub). Please comment moderately.”
“Please think. There’s a lot of people who see these. Please think before?”
“If you guys share phone calls, please leave write these messages in Kakao.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. From a fan’s point of view, I hate it.. She just needs to use KakaoTalk

2. She went too far with the phone call one and the collarbone one

3. Well… I hate celebrities who do that. Where is KakaoTalk?

4. I think if just a normal netizen did that I would hate it. Kim Sejeong should stop using Instagram

5. Crazy, I really hate it. Yoon Jisung’s fans didn’t say anything after seeing it, so she kept leaving comments..

6. I don’t care as much because it’s my not bias, but if it was my bias I would definitely hate it

7. If they are close friends, she should send her messages via KakaoTalk.. It’s like she’s a fan of Yoon Jisung

8. Aigoo, Sejeong-ah, please send your personal comments in KakaoTalk

9. The collarbone one is too much…

10. Of course the fans will hate it

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