Male idol whose shoulders have changed a lot due to exercise and posture correction

Beomgyu (TXT)



original post: theqoo

1. Wow, he was just a kid when he debuted. He worked out so hard

2. Wow, he worked out so hard, I envy him

3. But he’s young, didn’t he just grow up??? Of course he exercised

4. Our Beomgyu worked out hard and became a manly man ㅠㅠㅠ

5. Well, he looks more mature

6. Wow, I’m really curious how he did it, he looks manly and mature now ㅜㅜ

7. Wow daebak… His shoulders are really pretty now

8. Can women straighten their shoulders like this?ㅠㅠ I also want to have straight shoulders

9. Well, he looks like a different person, is this possible?

10. Wow, I don’t even care about Beomgyu’s body because I just look at his face