Male idols who debuted under SM, what was the worst controversy?

1. Premarital pregnancy Kim Jong-Daddy
2. Park Chanyeol who doesn’t fall short of his octopus legs
3. I LOVE TOILET Yoochun
4. Fan is my royal concubine Lucas
5. Twice drunken driver Kangin

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1. [+523, -21] Shouldn’t we remove Daddy and put Kris instead? Compared to others, premarital pregnancy shouldn’t even be a controversy

2. [+443, -105] These are nothing compared to Burning Sun, you guys really get mad at anything

3. [+422, -17] You should have added UKnow Yunho

4. [+178, -4] Taking responsibility over premarital pregnancy can soon become a praise

5. [+168, -79] Where did the scammers go?

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