Malicious comments on Red Velvet Joy’s Instagram

Joy, you should really watch your attitude from now on. It’s been known that Seulgi and Wendy are only the kind ones in Red Velvet. Don’t inflict damage to their reputation and behave from now on^^”

“Behave yourself and be kind to people around you.”

“I heard you are as rude as Irene~~”

“Soo Young, according to should really behave okay? Or you will be slain off with Irene ^^”

“You and Irene are the same”

“I hate you and Irene the most” cr

original post: theqoo

1. As long as Irene is not kicked out of the group, the group and the other members will continue to be cursed… That is why some fans are urging Irene to leave the group to stop this

2. All she needs to do is sue those people. The kids who write malicious comments are idiots…

3. Why are they cursing at Joy? Are they crazy?

4. Please protect Joy.. Irene-ah, please leave the groupㅠㅠㅜㅜ

5. No, what are you guys doing with Joy?… Joy didn’t do anything wrong…

6. ((Joy)) ((Yeri)) ((Seulgi)) ((Wendy))

7. What’s the difference between Irene and those people? Joy is the one who lives harder than those bad guys, 5 trillion times better. Take care of your personality first..

8. The kids who are on Instagram and writing malicious comments are just psychotic

9. That’s why Irene should leave the group…….

10. The other members are pitiful

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