Demonstration in Hong Kong, Japan – Korea relations deteriorate … MAMA having difficulties booking a venue for this year’s event

'MAMA' is still trying to figure out where to hold this year's event

MAMA‘ is still trying to figure out where to hold this year’s event.

According to officials, they’re running into issues booking a venue because of the ongoing Japan-Korea boycott and well as the continuous riots in Hong Kong.

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1. [+489, -2] Do it in our country.

2. [+227, -1] How is the global award? … K-Pop awards should be done in Korea, why did you come to Japan?

3. [+75, -1] Just do it in Korea

4. [+62, -1] Why don’t you just do it in Korea

5. [+20, -0] If you have the right mind, you never do it in Japan this year.

6. [+16, -1] If you keep doing this, don’t hold an awards ceremony and close it, you bastard, we just need Melon awards ceremony or another awards ceremony. Especially, f you want foreigners to watch the awards ceremony, they should come and watch it in Korea. I hope that you will never do it abroad in the future. I hope the public will make recommendations on the abolition of MAMA. Do you think the public is kidding? I really mean it.

7. [+14, -1] No, it’s Korean award ceremony! Do you need to do MAMA overseas?

8. [+12, -0] Billboard in the UK. Grammy in Brazil … Isn’t it weird? I always wondered why K-pop awards are held in Hong Kong, Japan. Let’s do it in Korea now.

9. [+12, -0] Why not do it in Korea? Singers, stage equipment, domestic fans have to board the plane and go abroad …. If you do it in Korea, just foreign fans come to Korea is enough.

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