Solar, from ‘shaving head’ to ‘transparent + child-like outfit’ under controversy… “s*xualizing childish qualities vs people are only harsh with Mamamoo”

Mamamoo Solar under controversy for her outfit

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1. [+2178, -444] How is the outfit child-like?… It’s just a bit flashy is all;;; It’s not like she has a baby bottle in her mouth

2. [+1754, -444] ㅋㅋㅋ The feminist argument is a bit weird for me. They claim that women have the right to wear whatever they want but when a pretty woman shows a bit of skin, they’ll immediately be like “ahhhhh! You’re s*xualizing our gender! you’re lowering the standards of women’s rights!”ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But if an ugly woman shows a bit of skin, they’ll be like, “you’re so cool, you’re the trend.” Are pretty women not women?? Feminism seems to be a selfish mental illness

3. [+1389, -361] I wonder what they would have said if Whasa wore this outfit. I want you all to judge with the same fair standards

4. [+210, -19] Child-like? I don’t get why she would wear something like that at all

5. [+176, -13] No but why didn’t she wear anything underneath at all? Sigh… They are always too much

6. [+171, -8] The child-like outfit isn’t the problem, the problem is that she didn’t wear anything underneath! What is this, a p*rno?

7. [+132, -2] This is weird. Can you imagine anger if TWICE or Red Velvet wore something like that

8. [+131, -18] I think they always do something daring to compensate for their subpar looks

9. [+99, -6] What the hell is she wearing??

10. [+94, -14] It’s the type of outfit that would have been more controversial if IU wore

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