Mamamoo’s fandom is currently preparing to boycott an online concert

On August 9th, RBW announced on MAMAMOO’s official fan page that the agency will be adjusting the girl group’s YouTube channel and merging it with the agency’s YouTube.

However, many fans are rising against the agency’s decision as the MAMAMOO Fan Union announced their decision to boycott the girl group’s online concert.

original post: theqoo

1. Why is the number of subscribers so different?

2. My idols too ㅠㅠ Only MVs and teasers are uploaded to the company channel, so it’s annoying when subscribers are scattered

3. My idols too, we keep sending emails and faxes to protest but they just ignore us

4. Why did they do it? Do they think that if they upload the MVs and teasers to the agency’s channel, all the subscribers will flock to it?

5. It’s no good to merge it with the company channel, they’re stupid

6. Are they trying to imitate the methods of other big companies?

7. I think they’re trying to be able to push junior groups in the future thanks to Mamamoo’s popularity…

8. I also want to boycott the concert, the difference between 6 million and 100,000 is too big

9. Mamamoo is so popular, so they’re doing it to increase subscribers to their channel

10. They’re trying to do it before Mamamoo disbands

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