‘Falling apart from the inside?’ Large number of celebrities want to leave YG Entertainment

Many YG celebrities are trying to leave?

On the 18th, “World Daily” reported that some YG stars are showing signs of leaving recently.

Entertainment industry official said: “Being aware of the public’s belief in YG has fallen sharply due to YG‘s drug controversy,” he said: “As an actor who needs image management. This is a necessary step to seriously consider their company transfer. “

In addition, many YG actors are considering plans to leave the agency, he said. According to reports, some YG actors are actively contacting other agencies.

Another entertainment official said: “Other agencies are offering specific conditions, such as when they move agencies, they will appoint a lawyer to cancel the contract with YG.”

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1.[+1687, -27] AKMU, please make your escape

2. [+1651, -15] Isn’t it weirder for them to stay?

3. [+1019, -48] There won’t be any boycott for YG …There are still tons of pigs and dogs to buy their stuff. Their digital songs will still rank #1, their tickets will still shut down the servers and people will still cheer and enjoy their festivals … Our country has too many idiots to boycott successfully.

4. [+77, -2] In addition to B.I, many YG artists know that they have used drugs. Thanks to this review that I can’t trust YG. The whole YG artist is suspected. Therefore, celebrities who do not use drugs need to leave YG if they are not ostracized. When they left, they were in a situation where they became an innocent entertainer.

5. [+75, -2] YG may be digitally strong but I can see that CF companies seem to be reluctant to cooperate with them, which is the reason for the actors to leave. The advertising world is wary of YG.

6. [+68, -5] I think Lee Jong Suk was in YG and quickly captured what was going on.

7. [+51, -0] If you are a celebrity with a decent mind, you should sue the drug store before leaving

8. [+43, -0] If I were a top celebrity, I’d leave YG to go to another agency

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