‘Music Core’ official statement “We have sent requests for SEVENTEEN to appear on the show… We wish for them to appear on the show”

MBC’s “Music Core” has now issued a statement regarding SEVENTEEN not appearing on the show for their upcoming “Heng:garæ” promotions, which reads as follows:

Hello. This is MBC’s “Music Core.”

The staff of “Music Core” is always working hard to invite singers from many different genres to our program to create stages that stand out from other music programs.

The staff has sent requests for SEVENTEEN to appear on our show, and we wish for them to appear on our show and perform for our viewers.

The “Music Core” staff will continue to work hard to create the greatest stages for fans of K-pop.

Thank you. cr

original post: theqoo

1. So Big Hit didn’t allow Seventeen to appear on Music Core?

2. But why didn’t they send requests for GFriend, TXT, and BTS to appear on their show?

3. The battle between MBC and Big Hit is like the battle between Mnet and SM

4. MBC said that they sent requests for Seventeen, so Big Hit is blocking Seventeen’s appearance on Music Core, not MBC..

5. I feel sorry for Seventeen and their fans

6. Hey MBC !! Why didn’t you send requests for GFriend and TXT??

7. Every stage is precious these days, the fans are the biggest victims…

8. Only Seventeen is pitiful

9. Big Hit, please release statement on this

10. Looks like Big Hit is against MBC

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