Sulli’s documentary comes out

On July 31, a source from MBC confirmed reports and stated, “It’s true that we are in the process of creating a documentary about Sulli. The broadcast date has not been set yet.”

They are expected to detail Sulli’s life story, and include interviews with her family, friends, and employees from her agency SM Entertainment. Sulli passed away last October, and the documentary is set to be a moment to fondly look back on her life as the first anniversary of her passing approaches. cr

original post: theqoo

1. I think it will be fine if the family agrees.. I want to see her again like this..ㅠㅠ

2. It’s been a year…? I still don’t believe

3. I personally don’t want them to do that….

4. I agree… I want to see the truth

5. This is better than being forgotten. I wish MBC also made documentaries about Jonghyun and Hara. I think it’s good that the public sees their wonderful moments..

6. I can’t believe the broadcasters

7. I’m not sure if Sulli wants this

8. But why are they making a documentary about a celebrity committing suicide?

9. I can’t believe… I miss you

10. But why? Are you kidding me? I never thought there would be something like this..

11. It’s sad that the story of a celebrity committing suicide because the public is revealed to the public

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