[New Year Plan] SM, JYP, Big Hit, changes to the ‘big 3’ … traditional power vs emerging power

The media is speculating on future plans for the new “big 3”.


BoA’s 20th Anniversary
New girl group
Groups, solos and units comebacks


GOT7, TWICE, and Stray Kids comebacks and concerts
ITZY comebacks

Big Hit

BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun comebacks
Big Hit’s 15th anniversary

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1. [+1053, -39] Finally YG has been dropped from ‘big 3’ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1011, -46] First of all, I’m glad YG is no longer in ‘big 3’… YG is not an agency but a criminal hive

3. [+782, -28] Bye bye YG

4. [+60, -9] The difference is SM and JYP have been producing top idols for decades. Although Big Hit is more profitable than SM and JYP, their earnings are solely from BTS and won’t last forever. Next year? They also have the issue with military service. If Big Hit doesn’t figure out a new revenue stream, they’ll drop off in a few years.

5. [+41, -38] SM remained stable for 3 generations

6. [+37, -29] But isn’t SM in decline?ㅋ EXO is already going downhillㅋㅋ

7. [+34, -14] It’s unfair to say that Big Hit should be taken off because they only have BTS when other agencies can’t even beat BTS with all of their groups combinedㅋㅋ

8. [+28, -5] YG to~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tally ruined themselves

9. [+28, -24] Big Hit’s success comes from sweat and effort 💜

10. [+25, -4] Unless we boycott YG at the level we’re doing with “No Japan”, we’re going to be a country complicit in criminal affairs. Please put into law that bans criminals from appearing on TV.

11. [+24, -13] Well isn’t JYP over without TWICE too?

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