Meritz Securities reports tentative plans of big entertainment label artists for 2021

HYBE (Big Hit Entertainment)

HYBE corporation will be debuting a Japanese group this October while launching a new girl group earlier in July. BTS reportedly has plans to release a new digital single in May and an EP in June. TXT also has plans to release new mini-albums in May and September. Seventeen may also make a comeback with a new mini-album this May. The last quarter of the year will be the busiest for Big Hit artists as BTS, TXT, and Seventeen all have plans for their comebacks in October or November.

SM Entertainment

Super Junior’s unit D&E may come up with the 5th mini-album this September, and Girls’ Generation may also come back this September with their 5th mini-album. SHINee reportedly has plans to come back with their 6th mini-album this November. EXO’s unit EXO-SC might release a mini-album this August. NCT 127 and aespa also have plans to return later this year in October and November, respectively.

YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK may be back with their 3rd mini-album this October, while TREASURE reportedly has plans to make June and September comebacks

JYP Entertainment

2PM will be coming back sometime this September, while DAY6 will be making an October comeback following its upcoming May comeback. TWICE reportedly has plans to make comeback this September, and Stray Kids will release the 7th mini-album this October. ITZY may be coming back this November with their 1st full album cr

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1. There is a lot of false information ㅋㅋㅋ Who can believe this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. There are no plans for TWICE’s comeback in June..?

3. BTS and Seventeen will release albums in May?

4. Big Hit’s new girl group will debut in July

5. There’s a lot of false information, so I think it’s not even a reference

6. It’s really a mess

7. I hope BLACKPINK Lisa makes a solo debut this year

8. I’m looking forward to 2PM’s comeback

9. EXO will make a comeback in May..? Who is the idiot who predicted this plan?

10. Do you believe this?

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