Military Manpower Administration, “Exclusion decision unchanged” in Request for ‘Special case for BTS military service’

BTS are officially not exempt from their mandatory military service according to the Military Manpower Administration.

Fans and Korean citizens have been discussing whether BTS should be granted military exemption because of their contribution to K-Pop as a whole and to South Korea economically and culturally. On October 9, the Military Manpower Administration officially announced they will not support the group’s exemption of their mandatory military service duties. The MMA had previously remained silent on the matter though other government officials have stated the Big Hit Entertainment group will have to serve.

In the past, the MMA has granted military exemption to Olympic athletes and classical musicians, but it seems they’re not willing to grant exemption to celebrities. However, the BTS members might be eligible for a deferral of their enlistment. According to the current law, all citizens must apply if they wish to defer their service.

If BTS do not apply for a deferral, member Jin must serve within the next 2 years. cr

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1. I know they’re popular and contribute a lot to Korea but I agree they should enlist

2. They said they would enlist, but why is this always mentioned?…

3. When did BTS ask you to exempt them from military service? Stop using BTS as a shield

4. Leave BTS alone, you guys are crazy

5. BTS has never asked for exemption of military service, and the Military Manpower Administration announced that it’s not possible, so please stop mentioning it from now on

6. I don’t want BTS to see articles like this…

7. I’m a fan but I hope BTS will enlist

8. They said they would enlist and fans don’t want anything like this ㅜㅜ So stop it, please

9. Stop mentioning BTS and put photos of them in articles like this…

10. Leave BTS alone, please

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