Momoland Yeonwoo, Don’t participate in activities + Delete posts on fan cafe -> Leave group -> clarify “not true”

MLD denies rumors that Yeonwoo is leaving Momoland

“The reason why Yeonwoo has not been participating in recent schedules is because she is filming her drama. With regards to the performance in Chile on June 28, Yeonwoo did not participate due to health reasons.”

original post: naver

1.[+986, -31] Yeonwoo and Nancy are better off leaving Momoland.

2. [+837, -20] I think she should leave. Other large agencies think that the trainee period is an investment, but their agency seems to be a garbage man who doesn’t pay them until he received enough money from them.

3. [+309, -12] Don’t hide it.

4. [+59, -3] Momoland is like AOA. If they lose Yeonwoo, the group will fail.

5. [+40, -1] MLD, what are you doing? Now is not the time to lie.

6. [+43, -2] Honestly, Yeonwoo is Momoland’s original tower. If Yeonwoo leaves, Momoland will collapse. Nancy? Nancy is cursed by public opinion because of scandals these days. In Momoland, Yeonwoo is 80%!

7. [+38, -0] If Yeonwoo left Momoland, Nancy wouldn’t be able to carry the group alone. Momoland will collapse.

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