Mnet side “Error synthesizing 16th … #1, OH MY GIRL instead of NU’EST”

Mnet announces Oh My Girl as the first place instead of NU'EST on M!Countdown

M! Countdown fixed the synthesis error and announced OH MY GIRL as the first place instead of NU’EST.

original post: naver

1.[+1032, -7] What are you really doing, Mnet? What are you doing with both fans?

2. [+618, -3] Congratulations on your 1st place, OH MY GIRL

3. [+533, -5] Didn’t you hurt both singers too badly? How do you take responsibility?

4. [+494, -63] They’re scammers, They are not possible to write 2000 down as 1500 by mistake, they’re dirty birds.

5. [+225, -20] Thank for correcting.

6. [+158, -4] Oh My Girl, It’s so bitter. Mnet must apologize to both groups.

7. [+115, -3] I have seen Oh My Girl members win three victories and shed tears. If you can see how excited the members are again, how much better?

8. [+102, -3] Both groups got hurt. What is this? As Miracle, I’m sorry to the NU’EST fans, and Oh My Girl doesn’t even like it. Congratulations on winning the first place!

9. [+96, -8] I’m a fan of OH MY GIRL, but I think the real NU’EST and NU’EST fans must have been hurt.

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