Mnet “IZ*ONE is expected to resume activities in February, please support the members who did nothing wrong”

“Hello. This is an announcement from Mnet.

First of all, we express gratitude to the fans who have waited and showed interest in whether or not IZ*ONE will resume activities.

Respecting the opinions of the members and fans who are hoping for IZ*ONE’s activities to return to normal, Mnet and the agencies of IZ*ONE members have decided that their activities will resume.

IZ*ONE is expected to resume activities in February, and details including the exact schedule will be announced soon.

We would be thankful if warm support is given for the IZ*ONE members, who received emotional pain without having done any wrong, so they can spend valuable time together with their fans.

As the artists who debuted, the trainees, and the agencies are not at fault in this incident, we hope they will be embraced so they will no longer be hurt.” cr

original post: naver

1. [+920, -411] I’ve been waiting for IZ*ONE!

2. [+616, -142] Congratulations, I support them

3. [+522, -113] Thank you! IZ*ONE, let’s meet again soon!

4. [+487, -99] How long have you been waiting for IZ*ONE’s comeback? We support them.

5. [+454, -97] IZ*ONE forever

6. [+112, -17] I’m glad to see you again! I’ll cheer you on.

7. [+101, -17] I’ll support IZ*ONE’s activities from now on!

8. [+90, -14] I’ve been waiting for IZ*ONE ㅠㅠㅠ

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