‘V HEARTBEAT”s official “We have been informed that X1 will not be attending one day prior to the event … We are sorry for the bad news”

Mnet gets criticism after canceling X1's appearance only a day before the V HEARTBEAT Awards

Only a day before the V HEARTBEAT Awards show, MNET cancels X1’s appearance.

The 11 member group is supposed to attend the live awards show on November 16. The sudden cancellation has caused an uproar among fans.

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1. [+1661, -141] CJ, take responsibility for X1.

2. [+1240, -54] Cancelled from the artists’ side? They’re making the members take the bullet again

3. [+1096, -106] I’m an overseas fan who was looking forward to meeting X1 on Vlive. I’m so angry because the kids have already prepared for the show. Fans have already bought tickets and many foreign fans are already in Korea. The kids didn’t do anything wrong.They shouldn’t be used to shield the adults behind them. What does Mnet gain from staying silent about their corruption? Keep X1 active. I hope that X1 will get justice because they are innocent. #JusticeForX1

4. [+792, -34] Seriouslyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is ridiculous. I’m the one who paid and Mnet announces one day before their attendance that it’s cancelled. Mnet’s class is solid.

5. [+630, -23] There are so many foreign fans hereㅠ what to doㅠ

6. [+322, -3] I’m an intl oneit from And looking forward at this their performance, Many intl oneits already flew to Seoul, and bought their tickets then you cancel them?? A last minute cancellation, do you realized how much time they adjusted and wasted for the ticket and the money?!!

7. [+260, -2] Does anyone ever think about the mental health of their idols?!? International oneit! Here to show support to X1 and k-oneits!!!

8. [+237, -1] MNET is crazy. Stop ruining X1. Stop hiding behind them and hurting them and OneIt.

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