Mnet side “IZ*ONE x X1, the members have done nothing wrong … Will publish future plans”

Mnet issues apology and to release plans for future of X1 and IZ*ONE soon

On December 3, Mnet released the following statement:

“Hello, this is Mnet.

We wish to sincerely apologize to viewers, fans, trainees, and agencies for causing concern with our program.

We are currently cooperating in the investigation with a sincere attitude, and we will pursue strict internal measures according to the results.

Following discussions with related parties, we will release plans for compensation, reformative measures, and future plans for IZ*ONE and X1 as soon as possible.

However, we sincerely ask for your consideration so that the artists and trainees, who have done nothing wrong, do not suffer additional damages.” cr

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1. [+3438, -248] I hope there’s no harm to the kids.

2. [+2624, -207] All victims must be compensated. Remember that the trainees and the members are all victims.

3. [+1978, -37] They admit it’s their fault if they have any conscience. I want you to make sure that you make up for the victims, apologize to the National Producers, and then show yourself a responsible attitude for all the groups you’ve been working on.

4. [+1502, -54] Thank you for your official statement on the artist. Please release the compensation plan for the victims and activity plan for the artists. CJ and Mnet must take responsibility until the end.

5. [+1251, -28] We look forward to a plan that will soothe the hearts of many people who have been hurt by this. Thank you so much. It hurts me to think of the scars that the young trainees who participated in ‘Produce’ series received.

6. [+359, -43] The kids have done nothing wrong

7. [+318, -17] I hope good results without harming the members.

8. [+250, -22] Members of both groups and participants are all victims. I hope that the correct and reasonable compensation will be achieved.

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