Mnet ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ ratings yesterday….


original post: theqoo

1. 0.2%? What are the ratings of other Mnet shows?

2. I just want the show to be ruined and I hope that CJ and Mnet can’t harm the entertainment industry

3. The lowest ratings

4. Because BTOB and iKON appeared together in episode 2, the ratings of episode 2 increased

5. This is a cable TV program aimed at teenagers, so the ratings are meaningless

6. Seriously, there are no popular groups other than iKON and BTOB, but I hate it more because they treat groups unfairly on stage

7. The ratings are too low

8. Honestly, it’s no more fun than Road to Kingdom….

9. Don’t care about the ratings, care about injustice…..

10. Editing is messy…

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