Yeonwoo ‘The first official schedule after overcoming panic disorder’

Momoland Yeonwoo's first official schedule after overcoming panic disorder

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1. [+315, -55] Is that Yeonwoo?

2. [+149, -7] Celebrities make a comeback after overcoming panic disorder and people don’t know how difficult they have to be treated. So tired why you criticize her.

3. [+165, -69] Her panic disorder is shit. If you have a real panic disorder, you can’t even stand in front of the camera. Don’t use panic disorder to arouse sympathy for celebrities. People with panic disorder are actually having a hard time.

4. [+84, -23] She’s even cuter with light eye makeup~ It’s beautiful.

5. [+88, -41] It wasn’t panic disorder. It was a break after Botox injections … Don’t worry about leaving.

6. [+55, -26] You said you have panic disorder instead of your cosmetic surgery, right? I hate it

7. [+32, -11] Have you left yet? No group activity, no contract with the agency.

8. [+22, -1] It’s panic disorder. Why is your face different?

9. [+24, -6] I know because I have been suffering from panic disorder for 15 years and have experienced many inconveniences in working and living. Youth is difficult, but a whole new level of panic disorder will come … I hope it’s an environment where you can overcome it.

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