Momoland’s agency demanded a penalty of 1.1 billion won for Daisy’s request to terminate her contract

KBS described how in March 2019, MOMOLAND returned but with a smaller lineup. Daisy did not take part in the comeback for personal reasons.

She expressed her desire to promote again starting in May, but she was not given any opportunities for eight months after this.

Daisy said to KBS, “I told them that I thought I could promote but they kept saying to me, ‘No, it would be good if you rested.’”

KBS reports that she requested a termination of her contract, but the agency demanded a penalty of 1.1 billion won (approximately $943,330). On what’s known as a standard contract, it states that if an artist breaks the contract, they have to pay a penalty beyond compensation for damages. cr

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1. 1.1 billion won?????

2. Daebak.. 1.1 billion.. Are they crazy?

3. If she wants to be active but you force her to rest, you should let her leave;;; 1.1 billion won ?? Is this agency a gangster??

4. This agency has no conscience

5. No, I don’t know some of Momoland’s members, but I know Yeonwoo and Daisy. Why are you treating her like that?

6. Wow … This agency is just trash

7. So Taeha paid 1.1 billion won?

8. The agency didn’t allow her to promote but asked her 1.1 billion won to leave the agency… This is ridiculous.

9. F*ck… 1.1 billion??? Is this the standard contract of the entertainment industry? Is that common?

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