MONSTA X’s agency apologizes for ‘Me Too’ controversy, fans demand “apology from the member himself”

MONSTA X's 'Me Too' controversy, fans demand apology from members

The apology was issued after a video of MONSTA X’s fan sign event began garnering attention online. In the video, Minhyuk puts his mic on Wonho’s chest and asks, “Nipple-ssi, please say something”. In response, Wonho raises his hand, says the words “me too” in English, and laughs. The fan sign event took place earlier this year on March 9.

MONSTA X's 'Me Too' controversy, fans demand apology from members

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1. [+915, -26] At least their fans know what’s right .. They’re more mature than fans who defend their idols no matter what they do!

2. [+470, -11] If even the fans are demanding an apology from him, does the member not feel anything at all?

3. [+493, -76] He’s not only a man but also an idol with many female fans. He will never know what it feels like to lose power in a s*xual assault. Even if fans demand an apology from him, they will never receive one that is heartfelt. His mindset about this is all wrong and he’s going to make the same mistake again, while wondering like other men “what did I do so wrong?”, and he’s going to hate his fans for it in the end. A lot of fans have already turned their backs on him over this, me included, so farewell.

4. [+405, -18] Fans are amazing. This is what a real fandom is. They know what’s wrong to fix it.

5. [+126, -16] Why would he make such a mistake?

6. [+88, -11] Wonho was already caught drinking and smoking as a minor in the past … If Shownu is what gets people into the fandom, Wonho is what makes people leave

7. [+80, -11] If your career is off the money and love of women, shouldn’t you show some basic respect towards them? ㅋㅋ At least apologize immediately if you made a mistake like this, you’re not a 5 year old kid, you’re a man facing the age of 30, do we really need to be explaining things one at a time to you?

8. [+72, -9] Making a joke out of Me Too while living off of women’s money .. It’s easy to live as a male idol

9. [+59, -7] The courage to come out and apologize is nothing compared to the courage that countless women who participated in the movement had to do.

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