Hul What’s Up With Kang Daniel..?

Sorry for the troll title, that’s the only way I can get a lot of people to read this

I find the top trending posts ridiculous, so I will write a post too.

1.First of all, Kang Daniel fans must know this but starting the 5th of February, there were no news about him at all. There were also no witness pictures of him anywhere

He was voted as #1 for CF influence and anything he does gets mentioned in the news and they quickly become the top trending article. Despite all of this, Kang Daniel was just being hidden in his company.


The company opened his official fancafe and were in the process of collecting potential names for his fandom.
The trolls were already filling up the fancafe but there were no one managing them out.
For more than a month, they have neglected the project for his fandom name.

3. Suddenly, there were a spurge of posts defending the company.

We had these big companies trying to pressure down Kang Daniel all by himself…

I found these comments and post so relatable, so I’m going to share them

“It’s a fact that the company has been neglecting Kang Daniel and his fans and all other things are false rumors. He’s always ranked #1 in individual charts and his videos are always #1 trending in one day. But after he renewed with the company, all his outside activities have come to an all-stop, isn’t it weird?”

‘[Exclusive] Kang Daniel, leaving LM on his own?… Seungri is the mastermind’

The above article was already written on February 21st and only got edited just now with the company’s stance on this matter.
The company was already planning to ruin his image on February 21st. Their intentions are so obviousㅋㅋ

“Kang Daniel was so busy preparing for his solo debut in April that he didn’t even go back to his hometown during the new year vacation, so you think that he had time to think about terminating his contract? If he was thinking about that, why would be prepare for his April debut then? It’s true that Kang Daniel is in a dispute with his current agency but do you really think that it makes sense that he’s looking for a new agency and trying to terminate his contract? The beginning and end don’t match at all…”

4. During the V-live and Insta-live, Kang Daniel was talking about his current training as well as asking people to look forward to a cooler sight of him on stage.

He looked super excited and he even said that he was thrilled to be able to debut in April.

5. He then uploaded on the fancafe when the news about his dispute with his agency broke out.
He asked people to trust in him and that he wanted to stand on stage again….

I know Kang Daniel
I know him much more than you people who don’t know the least thing about him and saying thoughtless things about him ㅋㅋ

6. You trolls and haters, you are saying that the fans are just blindly trusting him?
If you don’t know anything about him and are cursing him, of couse it’s bad but I find you guys even more pathetic because you are bashing him without even wanting to know the truthㅋㅋ

7. Jung Sewoon-nim said this before.
That the Kang Daniel that he sees next to him will go forward honorably and walk the road that he has to walk even if other people don’t believe in him and even though he gets misunderstood.

Every time he comes to the fancafe, the numbers go up. He usually leaves a couple of comments and go during the night. He must have had a lot of things to say since he had no other way of communicating with the fans than there…

Thank you for reading everything

+) Update

There’s currently a fake news going viral about him and it made it seem like he was caught going around…?

But it was actually this picture

When Wanna One was promoting in Hong Kong, he was taken on picture with another member.

The journalists cleverly covered their faces and made it seem like he was hanging out with a HK investor.

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1.[+417, -10] I seriously feel like his hate was way overboard, it’s not too late to confirm the facts. Kang Daniel, do well!!!

2. [+395, -6] Even if it takes time, the truth will come out, Kang Daniel, fighting!!

3. [+365, -9] Kang Daniel, fighting

4. [+106, -0] There are way too many people hating on Kang Daniel. The big companies are being so unreasonable and the journalists’ intentions are too obvious

5. [+105, -2] If you heard all the things that Kang Daniel said up until now, there’s no way you can say that he wanted to leave his company

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